What’s the Number One Reason People Quit Affiliate Marketing?

At this stage, there’s probably tens of thousands of people getting started with online marketing.

Some go on to become wildly successful. And even some people who have no experience go on to make hundreds of thousands—even millions of dollars.

There’s also a lot more people who quit.

Most people drop out of the business within six months. They’re not doing anything to make money, then they get upset because they’re not making money. And now they’re not doing Internet marketing anymore.

What separates successful people from failures?

I think the difference mainly comes down to the people who quit…

They get overwhelmed because there are so many different options to choose from. They try so many different things to get their business just right, but they don’t realize that time keeps passing them by…

One week goes by, then a month goes by, three months goes by, and they start thinking, “Wow, I’ve put in all this effort, and I haven’t made a dime in commissions. What the heck is going on?“ And after a few more months, it becomes distressing, and then  depressing.

Many people just can’t handle the depression, and they just see giving up as the easy option. So how do you avoid that?

How to Prevent Yourself from Giving Up

If you want to do well and become a success, you must have the attitude that, “Nothing is going to stop me. No matter what, I’m going to become successful at this. The only way that I can fail is by giving up.“

As long as you keep trying new things, you’ll learn from the feedback you’re getting in the marketplace. It’s called a feedback loop and you can learn from that. And when you place ads that don’t work, you’ll learn from that too.

As long as you keep going, eventually you will get some results—as long as you don’t give up.

What you need to do is very simple …

You need to send traffic to a high-converting Alpha affiliate marketing system like MOBE.

And MOBE is the perfect alpha for you to promote, because you can make up to 90% commissions on every sale, and all you need to do is send traffic to it.

That’s it…

How do you send traffic to it? Well, again, we have a resource for that called the Traffic Masters Academy. It’s a course that will show you how to generate traffic.

We also have traffic coaches that will show you how to generate traffic.

You just need to pick one traffic method, and one only, and you need to focus on that and get good at it.

That might be Facebook pay per click… That might be blogging …

That could be article marketing … That could be banner advertising …

But you focus on one only, and you get to the point where you can consistently generate traffic every single day. And as long as you do that, then eventually you’re going to make commissions.

Just stick at it until you make it. So hopefully that answers your question, and if you’d like more information …

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Talk to you soon,

Anthony Pica

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