Ways To Cure A Toxic Business Killing Attitude

Do you walk around with an attitude that your business isn’t growing because nobody realizes how good your product or service is?

You might think…how could people be so short sighted and incredibly ignorant?

Don’t they see the obvious benefits my product or service has and if they’d just whip the credit card out and buy it would solve their problem?

If you’re walking around with an attitude that your business is suffering because of uninformed or ignorant people then I can guarantee you one thing, as sure as I’m sitting here, you will never get ahead in your business.

Your entire business career will be unsuccessful because you’re acting as though you have no responsibility in the success or failure of your business.

After all, you’ve went through all of the trouble of creating your irresistible product or service, your fabulous website and fantastic, spellbinding sales funnel. It’s a “no brainer” for potential customers to buy. Right?


Attitude is everything in business. Bad attitude, bad business.

If you’re to succeed online, you need to learn the key mindset shifts you must make and how your subconscious either works for you or against you. This is part of what is called “The Millionaire Mind And The Subconscious Phenomenon”.

Remember…what goes on between your two ears determines if you will be massively successful or held back.

Look, I realize that there’s a lot of mindset type of training out there. And you’re probably rolling your eyes and thinking, “Look, I’ve been through the mind games training. Where’s the real marketplace training?”

But I’m going to make a bold statement: Mindset and what goes on between your ears is the most important part of the puzzle when it comes to creating success online.

Everyone’s external word and reality is a direct reflection of their internal mindset and belief system.

Whatever real marketplace training you get, if you don’t get your internal belief system aligned to serve you instead of harm you, nothing will ever change in your external world. Even if success is handed to you, you will manage to screw it up and self destruct.

Don’t just take my word for it. Look at the many lottery winners who have won millions of dollars only to go bankrupt in a very short period of time.

Their internal belief system about money and success is out of line with their external reality. Your subconscious mind is much more powerful than your conscious mind.

Understand this: your subconscious mind is working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but the results of its work depends on your belief system. If you believe that you’re worthy of being successful, your subconscious will work to make that a reality.

If you believe that people who visit your business website or offer are complete idiots because they don’t buy your product or service, your subconscious will work to ensure that your business is unsuccessful.

Belief systems are very powerful and will determine your external world reality. So how do you get your internal belief system aligned with your external reality?

The answer: you should invest in your business education. Attending Mastermind events are a great way to help you to adopt a philosophy that allows you to better yourself as an entrepreneur.

I remember my first MOBE Mastermind event was an incredible epiphany for me. Meeting, networking and learning from like-minded people completely transformed my attitude about business from a losing one to a winning one.

At the Titanium Mastermind event, one of the main things you discover is the power of systems. When you have the right systems in place, you can “crack the ceiling” and scale your business far beyond its current limit.

The systems you will learn about at Titanium will solve all the problems that prevent your business from growing:

  • Systems
  • Personnel & personalities
  • Organization & management
  • Goals, action plans, and accountability
  • and much more…

Check out the Titanium Mastermind…


So, where do you go from here? That’s entirely up to you. One thing I know is if you do nothing, you’ll either (A) spend the rest of your life frustrated, banging your head against a wall and blaming everybody else, or you’ll (B) find out how to establish systems and order that allows you to blow right past the ceiling and grow your business.

Lastly, I want to leave you with something to read and think about…

Here is a link to download a PDF called 17 Ways Rich People Think Differently.

I hope you enjoy it.

Talk soon,

Anthony Pica

You’re only one online business away…



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