Pummel The Competition With These Amazing Video Marketing Campaign Tips

In today’s world of internet marketing, videos are an incredibly important tool in digital marketing. Made the right way they can be eye catching and engaging.


Be honest… are you much more likely to stop and watch an engaging video ad on Facebook, Twitter, or in the sidebar of a webpage than you are to stop and read a link ad?

It’s pretty simple to build an effective video marketing campaign for your digital platforms when you do it right. You’re going to need more than a campaign objective and flashy editing.

So, to help you become successful in video marketing, here is a four step guide that I believe is the backbone to any video marketing campaign.


Build An Uplifting Story

Of course, you and I understand the goal of any digital marketing ad is to push sales. And we know that while it’s important to have this objective with video ads, it’s not what’s going to make them successful.

People love videos that tell a story. Now, keep in mind that your video ad will be competing with other social media stories and content in the people’s network that can be very engaging.

Well, guess what? Your video ad has to be just as or even more engaging. Just like your target audience’s photo of their new puppy or of their child saying their first word. These are pretty emotional scenes.

So, you need to do some work and spend some time here developing your video ads. Awesome video ads connect with the people who watch them and engage them on an emotional level. The better you tell your story, the more likely the person watching the ad will take action.

Why? Because you’ve connected with them on such an emotional level that they will feel compelled to do the thing you call for in your ad.

Now when you develop your story, it needs to be brief in form but comprehensive in scope…how’s that for a definition? What I mean here is don’t make it any shorter or longer than necessary to tell the story. Stick to the point… You get the picture.

If done right, you will capture your audience with the first frame and keep them engaged from there.


The First Few Seconds Are Crucial

You know the internet has lots of content. Internet marketers not only compete with their internet marketing brethren, they also compete with viral videos of cats and stories and photos of their customer’s family and friends.

It’s for this reason the first few seconds of your video ad must get the viewer’s attention and keep their attention. Now, some say the first 8 seconds are crucial while others say the first 20 seconds are. The debate is open. I’ll say the first 8 seconds.

Within the first, let’s say, few seconds, the viewer should be able to know what your story is. You need to convince the viewer that watching your video will not be a waste of their time. If they don’t know why you want them to watch your ad, they’ll switch off.

Also, be creative and unique with your video, don’t go for something familiar.

Here’s an example of a video that evokes both shock and sympathy of the viewer.


Get Your Story Across With and Without Sound

One of the most interesting and overlooked facts about video is that 85% of people browse social media and the web on their mobile devices.

Also, many viewers phones are on silent when they watch video. This means your video ads play without sound. So, how are you going to get your story across without sound?

Well, have no fear, another golden nugget tidbit is your video ad needs to tell your story without sound.

Using subtitles or making the video powerful without the need for any dialogue can help ensure your video’s story is getting across to those viewers watching it without sound.

While sound is an important part of video ads, today’s viewers need more than sound to capture their attentions. Use powerful and impressive visuals or a text focused introduction to capture the attention of those viewers watching without sound.

End With a Call to Action

 While how digital marketers create and use video ads is changing, the end goal of video ads is still the same. You want to end the video with a powerful call to action.

People who have watched the video to the end have been captured by your story, now it is time to drive them to act.

Keep in mind that the CTA of a video ad doesn’t have to be getting the customer to click to your website or sign up for your newsletter.

Video ads’ CTAs can also include the following: subscribing to your Youtube channel, following or liking your page, sharing the video with friends, commenting on the video, and going to other content.

Traditionally, the CTA would appear at the end of the video ad, but consider placing the CTA in the middle of the ad. By the middle of the ad, people have bought into the story and are more likely to act.

It is always good practice to test where to place your CTA, so doing some A/B testing with where to place your CTA is a great way to figure out what works for you.

Creating video ads that work is an important part of a successful digital marketing strategy.


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