It’s All About Character…Part 3

As we come to the conclusion of looking at the characteristics of successful entrepreneurs, hopefully you have found some that you can adopt. Hopefully you’ll find some more in this final list.

So lets continue down the final 5 and see if you can pick out some more that you can relate to or adopt…

Ray Kroc once said, “If my competitor were drowning,
I’d stick a hose in his mouth and turn on the water.”
Ruthless, right?

And Ray was – and YOU need to be, too. You’ve got to have that competitive drive and overwhelming desire to win. That’s the core of capitalism – a desire to win, to get more market share and to serve your
customers better than your competitors.

Competition is the best motivator regardless of your industry. Staying a step ahead of your best competitor is how races are won. And you want to win.


The world’s most successful entrepreneurs think bigger than other people. They have a clear vision for what they want to create before anyone else does – and they really don’t care what other people think.

That’s how the best entrepreneurs think—on a much bigger scale than the average person. And what’s more, they’re ready, willing and able to take on huge responsibilities every step of the way.


The most successful entrepreneurs never stop
learning. Though it’s not a hard-and-fast rule, most are fairly humble when it comes to knowing what they know and knowing what they don’t.

They know there’s a lot more to learn and they’re willing to acknowledge that they don’t have all the answers and that they need to seek out and engage the people who do.

And that’s why the world’s most successful entrepreneurs are constantly reading. I’m an avid reader, and I encourage you to be, too. Reading is the
simplest way to learn from other people’s mistakes and experiences.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is constantly reading, teaching himself new languages and learning about different topics. He knows it can
all help him grow and evolve his global business. These all-star entrepreneurs are willing to take advice, too – and that’s another good rule of thumb.
You’ve got to be willing to take advice from the right people if you’re going to get ahead in any industry.


All successful entrepreneurs know what motivates people—not just the people they’re marketing to,
but their employees and team members, too. That “emotional intelligence (EQ)” is incredibly important.

People with high emotional intelligence make, on average, $29,000 more per year than people with a low EQ.

Ninety percent of top performers have high EQs – entrepreneurs and otherwise. And that’s because EQ is responsible for 58% of job performance.

An ability to work well with others—even people who annoy or frustrate you—is critical to your success. So it’s no surprise top entrepreneurs have it
in spades.


Finally, successful entrepreneurs are optimistic about their future. They ask what can go right, not what could go wrong.

They see the potential in big ideas, and are confident they have the ability and access to make those dreams a reality.

Optimists are more motivated to reach their goals, particularly in the
face of obstacles. Someone who doesn’t believe their efforts will be fruitful is less likely to invest their time in ambitious projects and goals.

The challenges in your business are never going to stop. What changes is your ability to handle them.


I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about the 15 characteristics of successful entrepreneurs and learned a few things along the way.

Have a successful day!

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