It’s All About Character…Part 2

As we continue to look at the characteristics of successful entrepreneurs,  you might find some that you relate to and that’s a good thing. It just proves that you have potential to be massively successful.

So lets continue down the list and see if you can pick out some more that you can relate to or adopt.

Let’s learn all about 5 more shall we?…

If there’s one characteristic more entrepreneurs have
in common than any other,

<=== it’s this:


And that doesn’t just mean they grow, scale and succeed fast – they fail fast,  too.
The good news? Making mistakes is how entrepreneurs learn. Each time we make a misstep, we reassess, plan, change direction and hit the ground running – again.

By having a willingness and comfort level making mistakes, we can excel even more as entrepreneurs.

A good example? Lee Iacocca. Lee was fired from Ford, but that didn’t stop him. He picked himself up and went on to Chrysler, where he turned the struggling company around.

The rest is history.

This is a perfect example of how top entrepreneurs do things. They want answers and want results quickly – and they get them because they push the


Entrepreneurs don’t give up. If they experience a setback or, even fall flat on their face, they keep
moving forward.

Most successful entrepreneurs are successful because:

1. They tried so many more times than any of their competitors.
2. They FAILED much more often than any of their competitors.
3. Through all that trial and error, they eventually hit on what worked.

Of course you’ll have setbacks in your entrepreneurial journey, but you must keep moving forward.

Every time you have a setback think of the positive – you’ve just identified something that doesn’t work. And that means you’re one step closer to finding out what does. And that’s beyond valuable.


Entrepreneurs are shameless promoters, taking every possible opportunity to build their brand and get exposure for their company.

The best entrepreneurs are out there every single day, beating the proverbial drum about their business, their products and their ideas.

They aren’t shy or quiet and they aren’t modest. They believe in their business and in what they’re doing – and that’s enough to keep them continually going and going.

Take every opportunity you get to promote your company, your products and yourself. That’s what the best entrepreneurs in the world do every day.


As an entrepreneur you need to be selfish with your time. Why? Because we’re constantly pulled in many different directions – and many of those directions don’t serve you and your business interests.

Successful entrepreneurs are disciplined, able to distinguish between the trivial and the important and, above all, can allocate their time, talent and focus accordingly.

Once you start to master this, you’ll see that most of the things you face in the day-to-day running of your business don’t really matter.

I would venture to say 80% of the activities you’re tackling right now aren’t that important.

And that means just 20% are.

Enter the 80-20 Principle.

Twenty percent of your activities will, likely, drive 80% of your revenues, sales and other business successes. If you can allocate more of your time to those 20% activities, your business will be much more successful.


You can play by the rules and do very well in any niche – I won’t argue with you there.

But the people who go on to become billionaires don’t just swim
downstream. The epic entrepreneurs are the ones
who don’t go with the flow. They’re the ones who break the rules.

In business and in life you have evolution and you have revolution. When revolutions happen, people become billionaires.

Just look at Uber. Uber completely changed the rules of the game, creating
a revolution in the industry and sending the competition scrambling to protect their market share.

These are the second 5 characteristics of successful entrepreneurs. Be sure to read the final 5 in Part 3.


Ponder these and have a successful day!

Remember, you’re only one online business away…START NOW!

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