How to Become An Entrepreneur (Even If Your Knees Are Knocking)

Exciting, isn’t it?

Being at the start of a journey and not knowing exactly where it will lead.

You’re thrilled by the prospect of learning new skills and gaining new levels of success.

But you’re also feeling nervous.

In fact, right now you might be wondering:

  • Am I making the right decision by becoming an entrepreneur?
  • Will being an entrepreneur really work for me and my goals?
  • Do I really have what it takes to be successful?

And that’s okay. It’s fine to have some concerns. Actually, it’s normal.

Why You’d Be Crazy Not to Be a Little Nervous


All entrepreneurs experience fear and doubt at the start of their journeys. They’d be foolish if they didn’t.

Because sadly, the prospect of failure is very real.

And here’s the shocking truth . . .

Many entrepreneurs do fail.

They won’t take the time to learn the necessary skills. They won’t seek the help of a mentor. They won’t allow themselves to make mistakes and learn from them. As a result, they won’t build a successful online business.

In other words, they will have wasted their precious time and hard-earned money.

And you know what? It may sound terrible, but that’s okay.

Why Some Entrepreneurs Won’t Complete Their Expedition


In any business venture, there will always be some people who fail to reach their goals.

It’s far more common than you would think.

People buy books they never read and register for courses they never study. They start projects they don’t finish and make plans they don’t follow.

And let’s face it, we’ve all done it at one time or another.

It doesn’t make us bad people. It just means that we stay stuck in the same place.

However, I’ve noticed something interesting about those entrepreneurs who do succeed. Those entrepreneurs who do start successful online businesses. Those entrepreneurs who do get the results they want (and more).


They always have a strong enough reason to avoid failure.


How to Find the Driving Force Behind Your Expedition


Let’s take a look at Ernest Shackleton’s famous ad:


MEN WANTED for hazardous journey, small wages, bitter cold, long months of complete darkness, constant danger, safe return doubtful, honor and recognition in case of success.

Let’s be honest, most of that ad is rather unappealing.

Small wages? Bitter cold? Safe return doubtful!?

Who in their right mind would want those things? Nobody, right?

And yet Shackleton received thousands of applications from men desperate to sign up.


Because one part of the ad was able to outweigh all of the negative factors. One part made such a powerful promise that many people wanted to be a part of his expedition despite the constant danger, poor pay and terrible conditions.

Can you spot it?

That’s right.

“Honor and recognition in case of success.”


If you doubt the power of this phrase, try reading the same ad without that section.

MEN WANTED for hazardous journey, small wages, bitter cold, long months of complete darkness, constant danger, safe return doubtful.

Good luck getting volunteers for that expedition!

The applicants wanted honor and recognition. They wanted to make history. They wanted immortality.

And they wanted it so badly that they would endure extreme discomfort and even risk death to get it.

In other words, the reward for success – the “prize” – was appealing enough to overcome all the other negative factors.

And you need a powerfully motivating prize for your expedition too.


Why Having the Right Prize Can Mean the Difference Between Life and Death


For Shackleton and his men, having a prize like “honor and recognition” at the end of their journey could literally mean the difference between life and death.

On a treacherous journey like a polar expedition you must have something to carry you through the darkest points, those times when you’re at your lowest point and all you want to do is stop and rest…or give up!

Because on a real expedition, stopping could literally mean dying.

On an entrepreneur’s business building expedition, failure is not literally life-threatening, but if you don’t have the will to push through the hardships of the journey, sooner or later you will abandon your mission.

And while you clearly won’t die, some of your hopes and dreams for your future will.

Which is why you need the right reason to push forward.

You need a prize so exciting, so appealing and so transformative that you’ll do almost anything to get it.


The Essential Ingredients of a Prize Worth Fighting For


The most effective prize for your business building expedition will be:

  • Bold– it’s challenging and audacious
  • Inspiring– it gets you excited
  • Grounded– it’s a likely outcome in the event of success


Your prize should be bold because thinking small could mean you don’t get the results you deserve from your efforts.


It should be inspiring because an uninspiring prize won’t carry you through a sometimes difficult journey.


And it should be grounded because if your prize isn’t grounded in reality you could reach the end of your journey and not achieve your prize.


For Shackleton’s men, the prospect of honor and recognition was bold because few people achieve true honor and recognition – at least not on a national or international scale.

It was also powerfully inspiring, so much so in fact that they were willing to put their lives in the hands of a stranger to achieve it.

And it was grounded in reality, because Shackleton and his men knew that people who had achieved similar heroic feats in the past had gained honor and recognition as a result.

How Do You Know If Your Prize is Grounded?


Fast forward a few weeks from now and imagine that you are already in training to become a successful entrepreneur, building your sales funnel and writing ads that are being read by thousands – if not tens of thousands – of people.


Is it reasonable to expect that this success – this significantly increased exposure for you, and your online business  – will lead to your prize?

If so, your prize is grounded.

Are You Ready to Name Your BIG Prize?


Let’s start getting your training set up.

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Talk soon…

Anthony Pica

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