How Do You Find the Best Affiliate Offers to Promote?

During your search for good affiliate offers to promote, you should understand that the offers you choose are good for your customer, your list and also good for conversions.

In other words, the offers you choose must be appealing enough for a customer to take out their credit card and buy.

You also want to promote offers that pay you really well too. But how do you go about finding them?

The answer is very simple …

Step #1: Find an Affiliate Network to Promote

If you’re an affiliate marketer, you’re basically promoting someone else’s product, event, or service—and you’re getting paid a commission every time you refer them a customer.

Affiliate networks offer many different products and offers . You can freely pick and choose which ones you want to promote.

As you know, there are many different affiliate networks out there …

For example, one of the bigger ones is

ClickBank is one of the giants in the industry. There’s another network called Commission Junction, and another called

The first thing you need to do is pick a product on one of these affiliate networks. Go through them, and you’ll be able to pick products that relate to what your list is looking for. It’s very important to understand that you never promote offers to your audience if it’s not what they’re looking for.

Step #2: Find Your Audience

It’s also very important to figure out your audience. Ask yourself the following questions to match your audience with your product. This is called creating your customer avatar (read post Traffic Fundamentals Part 1)…

  • What are they looking for?
  • What challenges do they have?
  • What are their fears and frustrations?
  • What do they actually respond to?
  • How can you solve their problems?

Create a Survey

One of the best ways to learn what your prospects want is to create a survey. A few sites you can use are or

Send out an email saying something like, “Hi, I need your help, I want to make sure I’m giving you good training and I need to know a little bit about you. Would you mind taking two minutes and tell me a little bit about what you’re looking for?“

Some of them will respond to your survey and their answers will give you a good representation of the people you’re actually promoting to.

Step #3: Promote Products That Convert

Now that you know what they’re actually looking for, it’s time to go find all the products in that category on the affiliate network that you’re using.

But you want be sure you’re promoting things that actually convert, so that when you do promote it, people will actually be clicking the offer. In other words …

You want to be sure those clicks are actually converting into money, and you’re getting paid.

For example, let’s say you choose to work with the affiliate network How do you know which products to promote?

You already know what your prospects want but how do you go about choosing the best products? has a measurement tool called the ‘Gravity Score’. The gravity score tells you several things…

It tells you how many unique affiliates are actually making sales. It also tells you how well the product is actually selling. You’ll want to choose products with a higher gravity score because that’s a good sign it will convert well for you.

Step #4: Don’t make your list ignore you

Another piece of advice I would give you is this … DON’T promote a new offer in every single email message you broadcast. Because if you do that, your list will start to expect every email has a sales pitch.

The idea is to give them really interesting and valuable content that engages them so much, they can’t wait for your next email.

If you don’t fulfill this expectation, sooner or later they will start to tune you out and doom your emails to the dreaded trash icon.

If your list ignores you, it’s the exact same thing as them unsubscribing. In fact, it’s worse.

I would rather have someone unsubscribe from my email list than ignore them—because if they ignore my emails, it lowers my open rates and click rates, etc. …

Step #5: Keep your readers engaged

If you can keep your people tuning in—then one year from now, two years from, five years from now—they’ll still be opening your emails.

They will enjoy reading your emails and still be a potential customer for you many years later, and that’s very important.

Why? Because your emails are entertaining, they’re engaging, and they’re informative.

Plus, you’ll feel like there’s a certain relationship and bond between you and that person—even if you’ve never met them.

You should try to create that kind of personal connection with your audience. You want to train them to open your emails, and actually consume your messages when you broadcast them out.

But if you’re just constantly promoting offer after offer, you won’t engage their interest, and they’ll ignore you. So it’s very important you stay engaged with your audience.

I would rather promote fewer offers, have a lot more engagement, and make a lot more money … than promote a whole bunch of different offers every single day, make lots of money in the short term and lose them in the long run.

Hopefully you can use these priorities to find different offers to promote, and you’ll be able to started engaging, and making more sales, with your list.

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