Have you ever gotten stuck to the point that you became paralyzed and unsure what to do next?

One of the most dangerous things you can do when you start a new business is getting caught up in this ‘learning-acquisition’ mode.

Here’s how it goes…


You spend all of your time jumping from one trainer to the next, one video to the next, one email to the next, one webinar to the next, and one blog post to the next and so on…

You just get so caught up in consuming knowledge because you think that if you fill your head with enough knowledge it’s going to turn into money somehow.

You think, “This is going to make me a better entrepreneur, I’m going to learn the things I need to learn and I’ll be able to go on and make money.”

Right? Isn’t that what you do? Be totally honest with yourself here.

The big mistake lots of people make is the ‘learning-acquisition’ mode becomes sort of like a comfort zone, just learning, learning, learning, and not actually doing.

Believe me; I went through this all myself. My first couple of years, I remember I spend hundreds of dollars buying courses. I would watch the next sales video and think, “This is it! This is the one! This piece of software, this course, this is what I need to finally start making money.

I would buy it and consume some of the information and then I would put off actually implementing it for another day.

Does this sound eerily familiar? Am I connecting with you? Are we on the same page?

After so many years of doing this, you’ve got so much knowledge in your head, so much theory. And also, so many different paths you can take.

You could go advertise on Facebook, you can use Adwords, someone is telling you to make YouTube videos, someone else is telling you to use social media because you need to create a Snapchat and Instagram following.

My point is you’ve got so many different things to do, you don’t know where to start. You ask, “So which one should I be doing?”

The answer is you’ve got to find the one thing you could do right now that is the shortest path to making a sale. Not make a hundred grand, not to make a million dollars, just one single sale.

The shortest path could be to take one piece of knowledge that you’ve learned and use it to do one thing. For instance, create a lead capture page. Forget about creating automated webinars or videos, you don’t need that right now.

Just create a lead capture page and take the steps you need to get it on your website and auto responder. Then go and place a paid ad on Facebook, set a budget for $15 to $20 a day and run the ad. That’s it.

You’ve got to establish a rule with yourself that for every one hour you spend learning, go ahead and spend at least three hours implementing. Actually doing the thing you’ve learned. But pick only ONE thing.

Now, when you start actually doing the thing you’ve learned, it will feel uncomfortable. That’s a good thing. It means you’re getting out of your comfort zone and this is what you need to do.

What brings in the money is getting the right people and enough of the right people in front of the offer you’re promoting.

How do you get enough of the right people in front of the offer? By doing things. You need to pick the right traffic medium. But pick one traffic medium only and get really good at it.

When you stick with only one method, you will eventually get a single sale. And you know what happens? You get validation that your method actually works. Then the next question you ask is “How do I do more of this?” And then you can start to scale up from there. It’s really that simple or that complicated depending on your attitude.

Stay positive, do these things and I guarantee you will become successful.

Talk soon,

Anthony Pica

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