10,000 options in internet marketing: “Which do I choose?”

The biggest threat to your online success is not a lack of resources or information.

You have everything you need…

It’s a problem that’s recently surfaced in the last decade or so, and that is:

An absolute abundance of choice. Think about the last time you walked in to the coffee section at your local supermarket.

Or the toothpaste section.

Or the toilet paper section.

Do you really need 200 varieties to choose from? 

In internet marketing, it’s much, much worse.

You’ve got systems and product launches being rammed down your throat every day.

Thousands of ‘gurus’ are claiming they have the secret…

…and millions of ideas and pieces of advice floating around.

Unfortunately, most of it is worthless.

(By the way, guru is the most abused word in internet marketing – it used to mean something… but now just about anyone with a domain name gives themselves the title).

And don’t even get me started on all the systems out there…

Some of them promise 100% commissions (though when you look closer, they’re actually more like 90%, since they don’t tell you about merchant fees, etc.).

Some promise push-button ease (I especially love the phrase: “set it and forget it”).

And others promise you can quit your job next week…

So, what separates the ‘My Top Tier Business’ system from all of them?

A few things in fact:

1)  Commission size 

Ours are bigger than anyone else in the industry.  They are $1250, $3300 and $5500.

And, if you choose to make your own phone sales as part of our system, they go up to $1625, $4800 and $8000.

In other words, you can make up to 15k from a single customer.

Most systems don’t allow you to make 1/10th of that, so you are forever searching for more and more customers.

2)  Done-for-you Phone Sales

Over 60% of our companies sales are made on the phone.

A few systems out there brag, “We don’t have to make phone calls.”

Ha!  If only they knew what they were missing out on!

There’s a well-known truth amongst seasoned direct response marketers.

And that is, you can’t sell really high ticket programs to people without 1-on-1 relationships built over time.

Email marketing, while powerful, will not get you 10k or 20k sales (at least, not with any real efficiency).

A video sales letter might be able to get you sales for up to $1250 or so… but, when you start talking double digits, they will really struggle.

But the phone…

The phone is where you get to engage your prospect 1-on-1, and really help solve their individual needs.

It’s where you get to present a customized version of your solution, which fits perfectly with that person’s unique circumstances they’ve opened up and told you about.

I saw this very early on in my online career.

The first company I ever joined had this one guy, who was the top earner, doing over 1.1 million a year on the phone.

The guy was a lousy marketer- he paid other people to get all his leads.

But on the phone, he was god.

And I knew that if I could get even half as good as him, or if I could recruit others who were… then, we’d be able to sell high ticket in a way other online systems out there couldn’t come close to.

This is what led to the creation of My Top Tier Business.

A system that would combine these 2 really powerful benefits together – high ticket commissions and done-for-you phone sales. And so far, the results have been astonishing.

3) Success stories

We have people who’ve never made a commission online getting their first ones with MTTB – and instead of it being a little $10 WSO commission, it’s more like $1250, $3300, or in some cases, $5500.

You can see some of them here:


Sure, you have a LOT of options when it comes to different online systems you can join.

Many of them are mediocre… a few of them are good.

I encourage you to look around and do your due diligence – see how they stack up against My Top Tier Business.

Whatever you find, I’ll promise you one thing:  if you send traffic to MTTB, and also to any other system… 9 times out of 10 you’ll make more with MTTB.

Don’t take my word for it, go try for yourself:


I’ll see you inside the member’s area at Step 1.

Talk Soon,

Anthony Pica

You’re only one online business away…

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  1. I really enjoyed this article. There’s alot more to marketing your company or website than I ever imagined. I really should do a better job with my internet lead generation and marketing process. You provided me a few ideas I plan to try. Thanks again.

  2. Amazing article! Thank-you for providing this material. Now, more than ever, understanding how to promote your business is fundamental. You assisted me to achieve a greater understanding of the overall marketing process. Cheers.

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